Analytical and strategic marketer with 10 years of digital marketing and sales experience. Worked internationally in London, Singapore and Stockholm with various industries; travel, e-retail, FMCG, telecommunication and startups.


Offer expertise in marketing & communication

Digital Marketing

Align your marketing strategy and your KPIs with your company goals. My focus is to assist you with an overall analysis of your current state to pinpoint the best possible marketing initiatives and where desired, assist with channel assessments and channel management, specifically within search engine marketing.

Marketing Analytics

Base your marketing initiatives on the facts and data derived from your marketing analysis. My focus is to help you understand how to focus your initiatives and targeting in the best possible way within your desired budget, but also to deep-dive when data anomalies appear.


A prominent digital marketing team has the knowledge and depth to understand the impact of their marketing and how it is aligned with company goals. My aim is to lift this knowledge and understanding through educational 121-sessions, webinars or courses.


My name is Annelie Fredriksson, a Graduate Economist from Lund's University, with 10 years of digital marketing and sales experience, specialised in Search Engine Marketing. Studied a course in Illustration at Berghs SoC, during which my portfolio was partially produced. I am currently developing the brand PaxFilia to assist with content and marketing-related queries. Bear with me as the website is under development, but I'd be happy to hear from you about any ideas, queries or collaboration possibilites. Please keep in touch through LinkedIn.